Dinsdag 21 maart 2023

Sebra • Interior for kids

Sebra • Interior for kids

The bed that grows with your child

~NEW COLOR > Yetty Beige~

The Sebra Bed is a Danish design icon that has been tested for generations since Viggo Einfeldt drew the first lines over 80 years ago. The bed grows with your child with the help of the pull-out function, which means that the Sebra bed can be used from birth and will grow with your child until approximatly 6 years of age. The bed is equipped with an adjustable bottom, removable bars and an extractable length - various options enable new possibilities for use, which was one of Viggo Einfeldt's original ideas behind the Juno bed.


•Baby bed = Position 1: from birth until before the child can sit up
•Baby bed = Position 2: from the time when the baby can get into a sitting or upright position unaided
•Toddler bed = Position 3: from the time when the child can crawl out of the bed
•Junior bed = Position 4: when the child can no longer be in the baby cot and approximately up to the age of 6


Safety, meets the European safety standard EN 716-1:2008 Furniture - Baby cots and folding cots for domestic use. Tested at a Danish laboratory.
•The bed that grows with your child, used by children for generations - a timeless design that can be inherited. Equipped with an adjustable bottom, removable bars and an extractable length - it is possible to continually find new possibilities for use. The internal width is of 70 cm with a length of 112.5 cm as a baby cot. The junior bed has an internal length of 155 cm.
Colors, Sebra bed is available in the standard off - white color and several on-trend colors.
Non-toxic paint, treated with an antibacterial, environmentally friendly and non-toxic wood paint. The wood paint is independently tested according to restrictive JIS Z 2801 standards among other E. coli bacteria
•Made in, Sebra bed is made of birch wood and produced in Europe.> 

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